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NCWHL Information

The Northern California Women's Hockey League (NCWHL) is a not-for-profit, volunteer, recreational league, which plays at several rinks in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

League Features:

  • Recreational Beginner (Green) Division with 20 sessions (practices/games) 
  • Intermediate (Red) Division with 20 sessions (practices/games) 
  • Advanced Intermediate (Maroon) Division with 20 sessions (practices/games) 
  • Advanced (Blue) Division with 20 games 
  • Team jerseys and socks 
  • Sanctioned referees 
  • Scorekeepers and statisticians 
  • Coaching and instruction 
  • Non-checking league that emphasizes good sportsmanship 
League Organizers 2000 - 2001 (Summer/Winter)
Board Members:

President: Keisha Sherbecoe

Vice President: Claire Biron

Treasurer: Betsie Spann

Secretary: Sharon Niehoff

Committee Chairs:

Rules Committee Chair- Keisha Sherbecoe

Recruiting Committee Chair - Betsy Risch


Green- Leah Miller

Red-  Gary Krall

Maroon: Karen Green

Blue- Julie Beauchamp


Scorekeeper Coordinator- Ruth Schwarz

Goalie Coordinator- Irene LePage

Coaches Coordinator- 
Marc Beck

Scheduling Coordinator- Lindsay Schemers 


Division Coordinators:

Green: Barbara Plante

Red: Irene LePage

Maroon: Irene LePage

Blue: Hanh Le

Electronic Coordinators:

Web Page- Lisa Marsella

E-mail Directory- Thu Trinh

League Database- Pat Hayes 

Party Coordinator- Laurel Gundrum

Placement Coordinator- Paula Riley

Merchandise Coordinator- Ann Wilson 

Awards/ Photos- TBD

For more info contact:

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