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Winter Season 2000 - 2001

Registration and fees for the Winter Season are due by August 18 , 2000.. All fees must be paid by this date.  After August 18, any registration forms received will be placed on a waiting list with no guarantees of team placement and will be subject to a $50 late fee.  The divisions are expected to fill this season so please register early to avoid being disappointed.

Registration Form

USA Hockey Waiver (must accompany registration forms)

Player Placement and Preseason Sessions:
The league will hold pre-season player placement and conditioning sessions for all league members.  

All players will be placed in the appropriate division, given their current skill level and ability.  Individuals requesting placement in a division other than their current division should indicate this request on the Summer 2000 registration form or inform their current division coordinator.

Players will be informed if they are required to attend an alternate placement session the following week. A schedule of the sessions for each division is listed below. All RSVPs and notifications, questions and comments should be directed to Paula Riley or you can contact your current division coordinator.

Listed by Division
9/23/00 10:15pm Belmont Goalie Clinic

Green Division
9/10/00 4:15pm Fremont Green Division (all)
9/16/00 6:15pm Belmont Green Division  (all)
9/19/00 10:45pm Oakland Green Mini Tournament

Red Division
9/9/00 6:15pm Belmont Red Division Session 1A
9/10/00 7:35pm Belmont Red Division Session 1B
9/16/00 10:15pm Belmont Red Division Session 2A
9/17/00 6:00pm Belmont Red Division Session 2B
9/24/00 6:00pm Belmont Red Mini Tournament
9/24/00 7:35pm Belmont Red Mini Tournament

Maroon Division
9/9/00 10:15pm Belmont Maroon Division Session 1A
9/10/00 6:00pm Belmont Maroon Division Session 1B
9/12/00 10:45pm Oakland Maroon Division Session 2B
9/17/00 7:35pm Belmont Maroon Division Session 2A
9/24/00 4:15pm Fremont Maroon Mini Tournament

Blue Division
9/5/00 10:45pm Oakland Blue Division  (all)
9/17/00 4:15pm Fremont Blue Division  (all)
9/23/00 6:15pm Belmont Blue Mini Tournament

We have NOT finalized the Oakland ice time due to their in-house leagues.We have the 10:45pm slot for September and 9pm for the first three weeks in October.  We will continue to send 'This Week' reminders and get the time finalized as quickly as possible.

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