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Summer Season 2001
Player Placement and Preseason Sessions

The league will hold pre-season player placement and conditioning sessions for all league members. 

All players will be placed in the appropriate division, given their current skill level and ability.  Individuals requesting placement in a division other than their current division should indicate this request on the Summer 2001 registration form.

Players will be informed if they are required to attend an alternate placement session the following week. A schedule of the sessions for each division is listed below. All questions and comments should be directed to Erin Engelhardt.

Listed by Division

3/13/01 10:45pm Oakland Blue Division (all)
3/25/01 4:15pm Fremont Blue Division (all)
3/31/01 6:15pm Belmont Blue Division (all)

3/17/01 10:15pm Belmont Maroon Division Session 1A
3/18/01 6:00pm Belmont Maroon Division Session 1B
3/25/01 7:35pm Belmont Maroon Division Session 2A
3/20/01 10:45pm Oakland Maroon Division 2B
3/31/01 10:15pm Belmont Maroon Division 3B
4/01/01 6:00pm Belmont Maroon Division 3A

3/17/01 6:15pm Belmont Red Division Session 1A
3/18/01 7:35pm Belmont Red Division Session 1B
3/24/01 10:15pm Belmont Red Division Session 2A
3/25/01 6:00pm Belmont Red Division Session 2B
4/01/01 4:15pm Fremont Red Division 3A
4/01/01 7:35pm Belmont Red Division 3B

3/18/01 4:15pm Fremont Green Division (all)
3/24/01 6:15 pm Belmont Green Division (all)
3/27/01 10:45pm Oakland Green Division (all)

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