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Between Season Schedule

The upcoming week (8/25 - 8/29) will include clinics, pickups and goalie placements.  If you are planning on attending any of these sessions please contact the person whose name appears after the ice time.  There should be separate announcements coming out shortly.  Captains please inform your non-email players of these clinics.

Here is next week's schedule.   No games are planned for Labor Day weekend.  Placement sessions begin on Sept 7th.  Note that the Oakland ice time has changed from Wednesday to Tuesday at 10:15pm beginning in September.

DATE           TIME    RINK
Wednesday 8/25 10:30pm Oakland- Postioning Clinic
(Whitney Forrest:

Saturday  8/28 10:15pm Belmont- Defense Clinic
(Claire Biron:

Sunday    8/29  4:15pm Fremont- Open Pickup - all divisions
(Ruth Schwarz:

Sunday    8/29  4:15pm Belmont- Green Pickup
(Ruth Schwarz:

Sunday    8/29  5:45pm Belmont- Goalie Placement
(Irene LePage:

Sunday    8/29  7:25pm Belmont- Goalie Placement
(Irene LePage:

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