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Special Events


CONGRATULATIONS to the Winter 1999-2000 Season Award Winners!!!

The end of summer season party was Saturday, April 1. Special thanks to party coordinator Laurel Gundrum who made sure we had plenty to eat!

Congratulations!  See your division coordinator to pick up your award if you missed the picnic.

Green Division:

Lightning:                   Most Improved-  Jeanne Huangli
                                 Most Sportswomanlike-  Bettina Prochnow
                                 Most Valuable-  Kim Campbell

Hansen Sisters:          Most Improved-  Kathie Kippen
                                 Most Sportswomanlike-  Laurel Gundrum
                                 Most Valuable-  Jen Fong

Wolf Pack:                Most Improved-  Gloria Lee
                                 Most Sportswomanlike-  Janet Clair
                                 Most Valuable-   Rebecca Blanchfield

Red Division:

Dragons:                    Most Improved-  Raka Mustaphi
                                 Most Sportswomanlike-  Melissa Stagnaro
                                 Most Valuable-   Jen Anderson

Net Stalkers:              Most Improved- Patricia Oh
                                 Most Sportswomanlike- Carol Siler
                                 Most Valuable-   Lindsay Sherman

Red Devils:                Most Improved-  Lisa Handa
                                 Most Sportswomanlike- Jackie Colwell
                                 Most Valuable-   Sandra Blum

Thundara:                  Most Improved-  Colleen Dwyer
                                Most Sportswomanlike- Kimberly Greenlee
                                Most Valuable- Katie Dwight

Urban Decay:           Most Improved-  Alice Chen
                                Most Sportswomanlike- Christin Zienkiewicz
                                Most Valuable- AJ Wu

Blue Division:

Aqua:                       Most Improved- Patty Gray
                                Most Sportswomanlike-  Theresa Leslie
                                Most Valuable-  Wendy Wagner

Bandicoots:               Most Improved-  Sandy Mosel
                                Most Sportswomanlike-  Sonya Church
                                Most Valuable-  Cathy Curran

Trouble:                    Most Improved-  Shannon Hetrick
                                Most Sportswomanlike- Yumi Haraguchi
                                Most Valuable-  Kristen Parrish

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