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Announcing the Annual NCWHL Membership Meeting

Saturday, January 22 at 2:30pm
Lido Lane Clubhouse, Foster City

Anyone who has played hockey anywhere else knows that the NCWHL
provides some incredible services to its members.  Where else can you
play in a league that emphasizes good sportsmanship and safe play,
promotes the game of hockey and women's hockey in particular, and
provides refs, score keeping, stats, scheduling, coaching and clinics?

The NCWHL is an all volunteer league.  Have you ever considered what
you can do to help pay the league back for all it provides?  Now is
your opportunity!  At the general membership meeting on January 22 a
new board will be elected- all positions will need to be filled so
think about how you would like to help out.  A description of each of
the board member positions is available on the league web site at

There are also numerous coordinator positions available for you to
choose from.  If you can't decide how you would like to help out we can
find a mutually agreeable position for you.  Just let us know you want
to help and we'll get back to you with a list of possible positions for
you to fill after the new board meets.  A list of coordinator positions
and descriptions is also available on the web site listed above.  If
you are currently helping out as a volunteer please let us know if you
would like to continue or try something new.

If you are interested in volunteering for any board or coordinator
position let Leslie Stepanek know by sending her a note: or

We hope you enjoy playing in the NCWHL and will consider taking the
time to do your part to help in the running of the league!

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