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Announcing the Annual NCWHL Membership Meeting

Saturday, January 22 at 2:30pm
Lido Lane Clubhouse, Foster City
(see directions below)

Agenda will include elections for all board positions and a discussion
of plans for restructuring the league.  Food and beverages will be

If you are interested in running for one of the board positions or
volunteering for any of the appointed positions, please contact Leslie
Stepanek at  Captains please inform your
players without e-mail that they can contact Leslie at 408-563-1445.  A
description of each of the positions follows this note and will be
posted on the website at   All elected positions for the
2000-2001 seasons will be filled at this meeting based on majority vote
of those members in attendance (no absentee voting).  If you are
considering several positions, please list them in order of preference.
 If you want to help in some capacity but don't know how just yet,
submit your name to Leslie and the new board will work with you to
figure out how you can help.  Volunteer positions will not be decided
at the meeting but will be determined after the newly-elected board

League Restructuring:
The current board will present the plan for restructuring the league to
accommodate the greater variety of skill levels in the league and
increased focus on player development.  Come out and help us roll out
the new plan.

Directions to Lido Lane Foster City Club House

From 101 North

Take the Hillsdale exit bear left onto Hillsdale towards Foster City
About 5 lights turn right on Shell
Go across a small bridge
First stop run right on Catamaran
Pass park first street turn right on Lido Lane
Park cars on the Lido Lane
Walk to flag pole, club house is near swimming pool behind flag pole.

From the 92 West

Take the Foster City Blvd. Exit bear right.
Turn right on Foster City Blvd.
Turn right on Hillsdale Blvd.
Turn left on Shell Blvd.
Go across a small bridge
First stop run right on Catamaran
Pass park first street turn right on Lido Lane
Park cars on the Lido Lane
Walk to flag pole, club house is near swimming pool behind flag pole.

(elected annually at general meeting)

Presides over league meetings
Negotiates, arranges and signs contracts for ice times at various rinks
Contracts on-ice officials
Represents NCWHL at hockey-related functions
Votes on league issues/policies at board meetings
Determines disciplinary actions such as:
    Forfeiture of games
Oversees and makes final decisions on all league functions requiring
immediate action and not requiring league or board approval such as:
    Appointing volunteers to necessary functions
    Player placements
    Number of teams
    Games, practices, clinics and pickup changes
    Player refunds
    Player/Team disputes
    Special events such as:
        State championships
        All-star games
        Exhibition games
        Other situations as needed

Acting president in president's absence
Votes on league issues/policies at board meetings
Oversees coordinator activities as described below
Reports coordinator activities to board and league
Reports to the NCWHL President
Collects all league dues and fees
Collects money for all league related activities, such as:
    substitution, clinic, pickup fees
    league merchandise
    jersey and sock payments
Informs division coordinators, captains and players of unpaid dues and
other related items
Pays bills
Works with USA Hockey coordinator to register players and teams for USA
Hockey Memberships
Approves/Disapproves credits and refunds
Votes on league issues/policies at board meetings
Documents and reports league financial status to Board
Reports to the NCWHL President
Develops, consolidates, and distributes information for league members
    Coordinates and distributes rules and policy information
    Manages information requirements of team captains (team rosters,
captains' duties)
    Coordinates division statistician activities
    Oversees and approves changes to the league website
    Prepares league newsletter, registration forms and mailings
    Sends weekly announcements to the league about upcoming schedules
and activities
Manages responses to inquiries from the public
Maintains the league address list
Forwards seasonal registration to database administrator
Keeps minutes of NCWHL board meetings
Assists the league treasurer, as needed
Votes on league issues/policies at board meetings
Reports to the NCWHL President
DIVISION COORDINATOR (one per division)
Acts as player and captain contact to the board
Oversees needs of respective division
Coordinates team formation
Works with coaching coordinator to ensure quality of team experience
Acts as mediator on team or player disputes
Assigns division jersey numbers
Distributes jerseys and socks to players
Collects team award voting each season
Collects league fees from players as needed to assist treasurer
Prevents unpaid players from playing
Informs players and captains of individuals not USA Hockey or league
Sits on board of directors, with league officers
Votes on league issues/policies at board meetings
Reports to NCWHL President

BOARD APPOINTED POSITIONS (to be chosen later in the season)
Awards and Team Picture Coordinator
Arranges seasonal NCWHL awards for players
    proposes award purchases for board approval
    orders awards
    delivers awards for end of season party
Coordinates photographer and schedule for team photos
Distrubutes team photos to team captains
Works with league treasurer, and award tally individual(s) as needed
Reports to NCWHL Vice-President
Coach Coordinator
Collects names of individuals interested in coaching NCWHL teams
Screens coaches for skill and appropriateness
Assigns coaches to NCWHL teams in green and red divisions
Handles coach evaluation process
Provides interim feedback to coaches as needed
Develops process for training and evaluating coaches
Reports to NCWHL Vice-President
Goaltender Coordinator
Assigns goalies for all teams
Oversees goaltender development
Schedules replacement goalies when needed
Reports to NCWHL Vice-President
Jersey Coordinator
Orders league jerseys and socks
Arranges numbers and logos silk-screened on jerseys
Obtains, records and retains record of players with jerseys and
assigned jersey numbers
Distributes jerseys (silk-screened) and socks to division coordinators
Works with treasurer, as needed
Reports to NCWHL Vice-President
League Merchandise Coordinator
Arranges seasonal NCWHL merchandise for sale
    proposes merchandise purchases for board approval (colors, amount,
kind, etc)
    coordinates NCWHL logo placed on merchandise
Oversees sale of merchandise, proceeds going to NCWHL
Works with league treasurer, as needed
Reports to NCWHL Vice-President
Party Chair
Organizes end of season celebration and other league parties
    Proposes date, time and place for board approval
    Creates flyer informing league of activity
    Arranges decorations, activities, payment and any related duties
Works with league treasurer, as needed
Reports to NCWHL Vice-President
Placement Coordinator
Oversees and manages semi-annual placement process (full league
placement in the spring)
Organizes placement sessions
    coordinates on-ice assistants
    obtains off-ice placement advisors
    verifies players in attendance
    collects money, signatures, registration, as needed
Communicates with players regarding placement
Works with player development coordinator to ensure appropriate skills
Reports to NCWHL President

Player Development Coordinator
Creates strategy for developing new and returning players
Works with placement coordinator to validate strategy
Plans and organizes practice and skills clinic sessions
Arranges for on ice trainers/coaches
Reports to NCWHL President

Recruiting Chair
Organizes "Give Hockey a Try Day"
Acts as contact for new players
    Create and distribute flyers
    Answers phone calls and email
Oversees any NCWHL promotional activities
Proposes and creates promotional material for board approval
Oversees and recruits individuals for recruiting committee
Reports to NCWHL Vice-President

Referee Coordinator
Schedules referees for all NCWHL games
Handles evaluation process and rating of NCWHL officials
Works with treasurer to arrange referee payments
Represents referee concerns to NCWHL President
Reports to NCWHL President
Season Scheduler
Sets league schedule based on ice times and teams
    includes leagues games, practices, clinics and pickups
Reports to NCWHL Vice-President
Scorekeeper Coordinator
Develops pool of available scorekeepers
Schedules scorekeepers for all games
Trains all scorekeepers
Forwards score sheets to scorekeepers
Works with treasurer to arrange scorekeeper payments
Reports to NCWHL Vice-President
Statistician (one per division)
Compiles division, team and player statistics from score sheets
Posts statistics to league twice a month
Requires access to and familiarity with Microsoft Excel and e-mail
Reports to NCWHL Secretary

Team Captain (one for each team)
When teams are set, players vote for a team captain
Team captain handles team needs, as required
    Completes team rosters for scorekeeper
    Provides statistician envelopes to scorekeeper
    Communicates with players about schedule and league events
Communicates with coaches about player attendance
Arranges for substitute players and collects sub fees, if required
Reports to Division Coordinator

USA Hockey Registration Coordinator
Registers players and teams for USA Hockey Memberships
Requires access to and familiarity with Windows-based computer
Reports to NCWHL Treasurer

Oversees updating, correcting, creating pages on NCWHL website
Reports to NCWHL Secretary
Recruiting Committee Members
Placement Committee Members
1999 NCWHL Volunteers
President: Leslie Stepanek
Vice-president: Lisa Feldman
Treasurer: Paula Riley
Secretary: Leah Miller
Division coordinators
    Green: Claire Biron
    Red: Irene LePage
    Blue: Hanh Le
Award/Picture Coordinator: Betsie Spann
Clincs/Pickups Coordinators: Carol Siler, Theresa Souza, Erin Kaufmann
Coach Coordinator: Keisha Sherbecoe
Goaltender Coordinator: Irene LePage
Jersey Coordinator: Betsie Spann
League Merchandise Coordinator: Ann Wilson
Party Coordinator: Laurel Gundrum
Placement Coordinator: Kate Elder and committee
Recruiting Chair: Betsy Risch
Referee Coordinator: JJ Nakaso
Season Scheduler: Lindsay Schemers
Scorekeeper Coordinator: Carol Swink and Ruth Schwarz
    Green: Laurel Gundrum and Gary Krall
    Red: Diana Jovin
    Blue: Tina Carroll and Debbie Ocon
Webmaster: Lisa Marsella
Email Director: Thu Trinh
Coaches: A lot!
Scorekeepers: too many to count
On-Ice Instructors: more than can be recalled
Placement Assistants: mucho
League helpers: most everyone

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