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Give Hockey a Try Day with NCWHL

Have you always wanted to try ice hockey- and you don't have a team to play on? Or you don't have all of the equipment-----yet?  Now's your chance to try women's ice hockey! With no
long-term committments!  No previous experience required!

Date:  Sunday, June 25, 6:00 - 7:30PM
(We recommend that you show up 30-60 minutes in advance to register and dress. If you are borrowing equipment- come extra early- trying on 16 different helmets takes time! Most years we have more people register than we have room for- we then put you on a waiting list. If you are on
the waiting list, you will get priority placement by coming early.)

Price: $12. The rink will provide rental skates for free.

Location: Belmont Iceland
815 Old Country Road, Belmont   (650)592-0532
Take 101 to Ralston exit, go west, about 1/2 mile to Old Country Road. Turn right (by Wendy's) and go north about two buildings (pass the apartment/condo's).The rink is on the right.

We will have practice with drills, instruction, and a short scrimmage. No previous experience required- complete newbies are very strongly recommended! Even if you've never skated before!

How to register:
Write to or with
the following info: Last Name, First Name, E-Mail,Address,Phone
For those who don't have email- leave a message at 415-437-1927.

Special Note: Let us know if you need to borrow equipment. IF you can borrow some yourself- it will help immensely! Rental skates will be provided at the rink for free. Tell your friends and family to come watch and take pictures.  See you there!!

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